2005 Avalon Cruise
Friday - Sunday = May 13 - 15

Farewell to Huntington Harbour
A little unscheduled maintenance on the high seas.
Our event hosts, Cliff & Sandy Meier and Nat & Susie Pendleton, arrive at the island together.
We were welcomed to Avalon with our club burgee flying high over the harbor and of course the always helpful harbor staff.
You could see birds of all sizes.
It was fun to get settled and watch as the other boats arrived.
Everyone enjoyed the traditional Friday night cocktail party.
You can find all types of strange people on the streets of Avalon. Most of them are harmless.
Saturday evening was spent enjoying a delicious barbecue at the Descanso Bay Beach Club.
Our burgee came down Saturday night in preparation for the Sunday trip home.
The beautiful Linda Si with Bob and Linda Axel had an exciting trip home. They had a small gray and yellow hitchhiker. There were also two pods of whales which came to with 100 feet of the boat. Also seen were several pods of dolphin and a large tanker that crossed their path twice. Your photographer was so excited to see the whales that he forgot to take a photo.